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FPS Icons Pack

We strive to offer you a set of 180 hand-crafted icons in vector format, ideally for both web and print work
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26 January 2010

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The main reason why Microsoft Windows became a popular Operating System and still maintains its unparalleled position in the market till date is because it was the first OS that came with a Graphical User Interface. So, the importance of visually attractive and intuitive interface in an application can not be underestimated. If you are a developer and have a great application idea in your mind, its not worth the hard work if you don’t have a clear idea about the interface of the program and ways for making it attractive so that it immediately grabs the user’s attention and provides easy operation. But fortunately, for intuitiveness and attractiveness, you don’t need need to worry much as you have FPS Icons Pack v.1.0.49 that will provide a range of easy to use and integrate, ready made icons for direct integration in the interface of your program.

FPS Icons Pack v.1.0.49 contains about 180 icons belonging to different categories that come in various sizes, shapes and color schemes. You will find all the icons with smooth edges and an appealing design that give a professional look and feel to them, ultimately making the interface attractive. The icons in this pack are of different formats like ICO, PNG and XAML format and the icons in XAML format are readily integrable in Silverlight and WPF applications. Other graphical effects in the icons include vivacious illumination that gives a professional look and feel to your programs. The icons which are in XAML format are scalable according to the requirements of the user without even slightest loss of overall display quality.

Summing it up, FPS Icons Pack v.1.0.49 is a nice package of different icons that can be easily integrated into your application with or without any scaling and other modifications, leading it to score three and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

We strive to offer you a set of 180 hand-crafted icons in vector format, ideally for both web and print work. You can use them for personal and commercial projects.
All our icons are rich in color and look dynamic. They have smooth and well rounded edges and corners that give them a highly professional look. You will also find that our icons have a strikingly illuminating effect that tends to bring them to life.
The purpose of icons is to make applications look modern and professional. In addition, our icons look distinctive and unique with highly appealing designs.
With formats like PNG, ICO, XAML (WPF and Silverlight ready) you will have everything you need for total versatility. XAML version is available for scaling manipulation icons without losing its quality. Especially these icons will be working in conjunction with our components.
So go for our professional style icons and find out how effortlessly they will blend into your applications enhancing their usability and adding to the look and feel.
Comments and feedbacks are appreciated.
FPS Icons Pack
FPS Icons Pack
Version 1.0.49
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